DIPL owns a large fleet of heavy mining equipment and, is supported by a pool of highly skilled and motivated team of people, for operation, maintenance, supervision and management of mining services. With these resources, DIPL has the capability to execute variety of mining services contracts.

DIPL lays special emphasis on adoption of scientific, systematic and safe mining practices for maximizing efficiency of its services, with due care for mineral conservation. DIPL makes every possible effort for minimizing adverse impacts of mining operations on the local ecology. DIPL has built a reputation for efficient and timely delivery of mining services, under demanding geo-mining conditions, at competitive prices, with emphasis on preserving and enhancing environment of surroundings, while maintaining harmonious relations with neighbouring communities.

We provide a variety of Mining Services in India:

  • Mining Excavation (Over Burden Removal and Mineral Getting) Services
  • Mineral Transportation Services
  • Mineral Hauling Road Construction Services