Management Team

Mr. K.Upender Reddy

Mr. K.Upender Reddy is the Chairman of the company. He is the founder and promoter of the Company. He is acclaimed visionary in the field of integrated infrastructure. He has over 25 years entrepreneurial experience in the execution of various projects. He is pivotal in setting the group strategy for future expansions and maintaining corporatral relations.

Mr. Srujan Soodini
Managing Director

Mr. Srujan Soodini is the Managing Director of the Company. He holds degree in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and has topped that up with MS in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design and CNC Controls Fabrication from Southern Illinois University, USA. He managers the day to day operations of the Company.

Mrs. K. Vijaya


Mr. S. Upender Reddy


Mr. K. Jitender Reddy